About Me

👋 Hey there, I'm Sankalp. I observe, analyse, write and share ideas about

Personal growth - Get compounding results through small actions. Create systems for yourself. Follow actionable advice. Learn mental models. Focus on professional career, writing, marketing, networking, speaking. Useful for today's knowledge workers and people working in technology.

Product and Design - Mental models to help you navigate and win the user. Design philosophies turned into actionable advice. Useful for founders and product owners.

What am I doing right now?

I'm scaling my product - Yogami to become the platform for authentic Yoga for the world.

My Background

I'm an Engineer turned Designer turned Product Manager turned Founder.

  • Most recently, I helped shape Postman from a chrome extension into a Collaborative API Platform for 15M developers. It is now an essential part of the technology infrastructure of the world.
  • Before that, I helped startups put their ideas in front of users. I did this by creating design processes, validating and iterating from user research and growing design teams. Housing.com, Aasanjobs, Canvs, etc.
  • Before that, I graduated from IITB

What brings you here?

Enough about me, tell me about what brings you to my small corner on the internet. You can DM me / send me an email / schedule a short call with me. I'm looking for energetic and high agency people to work with!